Review: rOtring 600 (0.7 mm, silver)
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Review: rOtring 600 (0.7 mm, silver)

Manufacturer: rOtring (a Newell Brand)
Price: $37.00
Available: at most pen and pencil retailers (Buy from rOtring)
EE Critic Score: 8/10

The rOtring brand is best known for its Isograph and Rapidograph lines of stylographic fountain pens, but their mechanical pencils have also earned a high reputation of quality. The 600 is their mid-range priced pencil. A classic design with a well-earned high reputation, this pencil of the Bauhaus remains a great choice for those seeking quality in form and function.


The 600 features a fully metal body, with a knurled grip, a hexagonal barrel, and a needle tip. At the back is a window dial showing the grade of lead which the pencil is loaded with; this is useful in the case if one were to have multiple pencils loaded with different grades. I only have the one, loaded with Pilot Neox 2B.

Taking the cap off the back end of the pencil reveals a small, white eraser. Removing the eraser allows lead to be loaded into the barrel.

The mechanism is a fairly typical mechanical pencil mechanism. The interior barrel is brass, while the mechanism housing is plastic.

Reviewer Analysis

What I Like

The quality of this mechanical pencil is really outstanding. The solid metal construction feels very sturdy. The mechanism moves firmly and smoothly.

The knurled grip is grippy, but not uncomfortable to hold on to. The pencil is well balanced, and doesn’t tire the hand.

The clip is more resilient than it looks. I don’t know that I would recommend clipping it to denim or cardboard or anything else thick that would force it far apart for a long time, but it should hold up to normal use well.

What I Don’t Like

The eraser is the weak point of this pencil. It’s really small, and just normally effective. I’ve found it best to just carry a separate block eraser. (The MOO PVC eraser is a good one.)

The red painted lettering on the side of the barrel has started to wear off a bit, and, since I haven’t had it for that long, and since the rest of the pencil is so well-made, this surprised me.

How I Use It

The 600 is a good all-around mechanical pencil. I use it for anything I might want to erase while writing. I don’t really use it much for sketching, as I prefer woodcase pencils for that. But I do carry my 600 throughout my day, for writing and working out equations

Recommendation and Rating

Mention 800, 500, and 300

The 600 is a great choice if you’re looking for a mechanical pencil that will last for extended use. If money is truly no object, you might want to look at the 800 or 800+, which have a collapsible tip for better pocketability. Conversely, if you think $37.00 is too much for a single mechanical pencil, rOtring offers the 500 and the 300, which are not all-metal, but otherwise appear similar to the 600.

As it stands, I like the 600 quite a lot, and give it the rating

8/10 — Without significant negative worth. Able to be recommended, at full price, without reservation.

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