The Edwards Edition is not a money-making venture. We do not, ourselves, collect information for the purpose of monetizing our reader base. That said, we do make use of various services to run the site, which all have their own privacy concerns you should know about:


The site itself is built with and hosted by Ghost. This is an open-source website building system focused on blogs, magazines, and newsletters. Ghost handles both the site itself and the email system delivering A Running Commentary to subscribers. Ghost themselves do not track ordinary visitors to this site. What does get tracked involves "members" i.e. the people who subscribe to A Running Commentary.  When you sign up, you provide a name and email address. Ghost collects that, your general location (what state or country you're in), and the time and date you create your account, and passes all that information on to me. They also let me know if you open emails sent through the newsletter system or not. I keep this information to myself; subscriber identities are not passed on by me to anyone else (unless I am legally compelled to, I suppose, though that hasn't come up).

GDPR Compliance - Ghost - FAQ
We act as both a data processor and a data controller under the GDPR. Read more about GDPR compliance at Ghost.


General site visit analytics are tracked by Plausible, an open-source analytics provider out of Estonia (an EU nation). What they show me is how many unique visitors the site and its various pages get, how they found the site, what browser, screen type (mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop), and OS they were using, what page they entered/exited the site on, and what country they were from. I'm also able to see how many visitors are on the site at the moment. I do not track individual visitors; analytics data is reported in aggregate. Plausible does not use cookies for analytics.

Plausible: GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant site analytics
Plausible provides cookie-less web analytics without collecting personal data and while respecting the privacy of website visitors. This is our data policy.


I use Notion for a lot of draft management and housekeeping for the site. The only parts of that which are public are the archives of Birds of the Week and Curations that I link to from each A Running Commentary newsletter. If you follow those links you're subject to Notion's privacy terms. I don't see anything about visitors to those pages.

Google Forms

If you use the form provided on the Contact page to submit a Letter to the Edition, you're subject to Google's terms:

Privacy & Terms – Google

I only see the information you provide in your response.